Kérastase Resistance


Being blonde is definitely a lifestyle choice and having your scalp and hair bleached numerous times can take its toll. Masque Therapiste correct and treat your hair by the various levels of erosion. Leave it on for 15 mins and rinse out, your hair will be managed and listens to your when you style it later. Alternatively if you hair is really distressed, use this masque as a conditioner everyday. Combine with VITA-CIMENT intense ampoules (not shown here) it will leave your hair silky smooth with a velvety touch when blow dry.

Having worked for L’oréal for a few years you tend to believe in the products you sell. For best results, use the whole range but you have a specific concern use 1-2 range or even combine with another because the condition of your scalp and hair changes from time to time. Kérastase is a premium brand from L’oréal, you may see similar color of products by the L’oréal brand but it is in its diffusion line. Every product, when it is being developed comes from the principle premium range and work its way down to the more affordable price tag for the mass market.

VERDICT: Product is good and it is not oily somewhat water-based and oil-based at the same time. It’s good to use this product everyday if your hair is distressed, sensitized or damaged through chemical erosion. Although it takes a bit of time, 7 days* will have your hair bouncing back like normal, well at least for me*.

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1 thought on “Kérastase Resistance”

  1. […] visit I still have to do 1 Vita Ciment infusion treatment and 3 deep conditioning treatment by Kérastase Masques Therapiste. I will stick to normal 1 hair color blondes next time as bleach is done once and only at roots and […]


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