A Great Way to Fly


It was my first time flying business class. Although it may seem a little bit late to be boarding the business lounge in your 40s, I have to say it was an experience and certainly will not be my last. My parents have always educate me in being thrifty with money and have taught me the values, I was raised right. I have always flown economy class throughout my life until now. 40 is probably the right age where you have a little indulgence for yourself. I don’t have a partner, I paid my apartment in full, I do not have any loans, I pay my credit card bills in full, basically I am financial-free. Decadence is calling.

The Krisflyer Lounge is a class of its own and I have never been so pampered by the leading steward who knows my name upon boarding the flight. “Oh Yes, keep the champagne coming Miss!” I said to her. She laughs soon after with a grin on her face. What have I been missing out after all these years flying economy? Now that I am single, I can afford to fly business all the time! Haha wasn’t being snooty about it but it is something that one should try at least once in their lifetime. Be warned, you might get addicted to this lifestyle. You will be checking your KrisFlyer miles on your American Express icon on your smartphone every now and then just like you would checking your Instagram account soon after you post it. Its an obsession! They designed it that way…

Singapore Airlines Business Class

Welcome to Singapore ladies and gentlemen and to all Singaporeans and residents of Singapore, a warm welcome home…”

Checking in at Terminal 3 was a bit disappointing and the chubby ground staff wasn’t too friendly. I supposed it was an early flight and I was already at the counter at 630am. He direct me to the Premium Economy counter to check in! I didn’t even get a picture taken because its not appropriate. But the experience have changed as soon as I step into the Krisflyer Lounge and onto to the A380 Airbus. Something to take note though, do not take a morning flight if you’re on your holiday. For a 4-hour flight I should be feasting a sumptuous steak lunch at 50,000 feet in the air, followed by the series of canapés and cheese and dessert course. OMG, there’s approximately 7-course meal in this flight. If you do have a chance, please use their ‘Book the Cook‘ For meals that pre-prepared and just reheating before serving, it is not bad at all. But I was somewhat frowning on their eggs benedict. Hello? Yolk must always be runny and wet not hard-boiled! I didn’t finish my plate, to show the stewardess that I am not amused with my eggs. She later offered me some pancakes or waffles with some strawberries and muesli, I was delighted. Since when they could read body language and gestures of passengers now in the airline industry? THAT’S ONE LEVEL UP!

Business Class Meals

Throughout the whole flight I was made very comfortable and the food trolley came in non-stop. There’s always something to nibble or sip during airborne. The entertainment was marvelous as I watched Nicole Kidman as Grace of Monaco. My miles have qualify me to fly to Bali on economy however I am saving it for a long-hauled to Paris sometime next year. So my head is thinking with every purchase business flight tickets I could be getting a nearby flight on economy, Bali flight I reckon its about SGD300+ Hmmm not bad actually. Something to consider each time I book for my holidays.


You hardly feel the turbulence in this aircraft and I don’t feel anything when we are changing directions or latitude. It’s FABULOUS! I wonder how the Suites experience are like? LOL Taking off and landing was swift and smooth as well. On the way home I was lucky enough to get onboard the big ass airplane Boeing 777. I’m a happy camper!

A little over 4 hours, we were about to land, the ceiling lights changes color, an indication to cabin crew of the next step as we are about to land home. As the captain made the announcement, I am home again.

And the moment you touch down, the leading stewardess recites “Welcome to Singapore ladies and gentlemen and to all Singaporeans and residents of Singapore, a warm welcome home…” just melt my heart like warm butter sliding on a hot toast. Singapore Airlines, you’re a great way to fly.

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  1. Hi! My name is Kevin and I recently wrote a blog post on the topic “(Travel Bloggers Share Their) First Time Flying Business Class” – Part 1 which can be found here: http://thetravelguyshops.blogspot.jp/2016/06/my-first-time-flying-business-class-and_21.html

    I would love to include excerpts of the one you wrote in Part 2! If you would like to be included, please email me at thetravelguyshops@gmail.com with the answer to the question: “How Were You Upgraded to Business Class?”


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