My first time ever doing blonde balayage. 3 gradient blondes into 1 head. Light blonde, Medium blonde and Platinum blonde. The bleaching was really harsh but survived the 3 bleaching processes. Ouch! Scalp was really red but it subsided after the next day.

Joe was really determined to get the color that I want. He has patience, not a lot of hairstylist are like that. We used to work together at the Kérastase Scalp & Hair Institute at Marina Bay Sands sometime back and now he is on his own and calling his own shots. The scalp soothing treatment afterwards was like heaven-sent when I lay my head in the sink. Its quite an effort as Joe doesn’t speak English that well, I picked up some Mandarin when I was working with him. Gotta try his haircut, very meticulously done.

VERDICT: for my blonde balayage, although its good for a week, colors do not stay even though I’m using blonde shampoo special for blonde hairs. Even with Chroma Perfect color seal, it still fades out after 5-6 washes. Periodically after the salon visit I still have to do 1 Vita Ciment infusion treatment and 3 deep conditioning treatment by Kérastase Masques Therapiste. I will stick to normal 1 hair color blondes next time as bleach is done once and only at roots and run through before toning. However I do think that balayage works well if your hair is long so that your roots is a dark shades of blonde and gradually lighten on ends.

Salon: Joe Hair Boutique

  • 437 River Valley Rd
    #01-01 Valley Park Condominium
    Singapore 248332 River Valley
  • 6734 4418
Check out his instagram!

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