Goyard GM Senat


A brand that is less recognized than Louis Vuitton that Mr Karl Lagerfeld kept for himself for his traveling trunks. Today, the hip Koreans & the fashionable Japanese bring the brand, Goyard into a different light.

Monograms and Crowns for the Royalties”

The collection is only known to be the luggage monogramming and crowns for the royalties. Goyard is a French trunk and leather good makers. Established in 1853 in Paris and previously doing business as House of Martins in 1792 and the Morel, it is the oldest organizations still in business, older that Louis Vuitton by one year. François Goyard (1828–1890) made box making, packing and trunk making the family’s trade when he purchased Maison Morel, successor to Maison Martin. Edmond Goyard (1860–1937) expanded his business from 1885 to 1937. Robert Goyard (1893–1979) was the face of the brand during the booming post-war years. François Goyard played a significant role in further increasing the firm’s growth with his daughter Isabelle Goyard.


Loving my Senat GM document holder which I use it as a clutch for easy access into 1 compartment in the holder. Although the 2 to 3 letter name initial were a bit pricey, for someone who is not rich and famous, I can live without.

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