Seeking Paradise


I was reluctant to go for a short trip but it was my 41st birthday after all and I didn’t have anyone, I am single and miserable. My partner of almost 2 years left me for another oh well good riddance. So I finally gather up my courage to go for a solo holiday and so I go to Phuket Paradise Island! What better way to go somewhere isolated and have reflection time.


When I reached the hotel, to my surprise everything is so beautiful and amazing. I stayed at The Hyatt Regency Resorts, trying to accumulate my hotel points for an extra night as a Hyatt Gold Passport Member. So I did. I stayed at this beautiful resort for 6 days and 5 nights with an upgrade to Club access for VIP members. The view was breathtaking. Hello, paradise! I have longed to be here in the Andaman Seas… It could have been a romantic getaway with me and my ex but a total me-time is way much better.


My Club King room view facing the Andaman ocean is really gigantuous. The resort is serene and tranquil. Sometimes you loose the track of time wandering along the island bay.


First day, pool time was great as the weather was perfect! So I grab my trusty Birkin and dump every sun products along with my Armani trunks and Jim Thompson sarongs and decided to have a cocktail by the pool at 11am in the morning. This is life! Who needs someone to love? Who needs to share my successes with someone? Lonely at times yes but hey, at this age I should be more focus on myself. Priority – Me. Spend and lavish the things I want for myself, not him!? I am loving the cabana beds, imagine yourself getting half naked and half drunk on Moët & Chandon rosé champagne before noon hahaha The waiter eventually brought my lunch of shrimp cocktail salad and a chill glass of chardonnay over to the cabana while I continue to laze the afternoon away with a classic Oscar Wilde Penguin book.

“Hello, paradise! I have longed to be here in the Andaman Seas…”

The hotel have a series of events that you could sign up for. Island hoping is one of them, so I did that on my 3rd day along with a buffet of spread of abundance seafood dinner. There’s yoga classes every other mornings with salutations to the sun exercise, snorkeling class, island hop, spa pampering, sight-seeing around Kamala beach in the hotel jeep in town and a few more activities.

Using a selfie stick to take images on a moving boat is a challenge! Phi Phi Islands was enchanting it was one of the place I have I wanted to go. The group took me to the place where they shoot ‘The Beach’ starred Leonardo Di Caprio but honestly the place was getting to be too touristy. I decided to snorkel instead in a natural pool bay. It was fascinating indeed. The underwater diving and snorkeling experience was really enjoyable.

“The underwater diving and snorkeling experience was really enjoyable.”

Screen shot 2016-01-27 at 11.40.02 AM

On the 4th and 5th day, I spread out my spa treatments that I chose from their menu. Foot reflexology followed by facial and a full 2-hour body massage by this picturesque spa room. Simply divine. You are rejuvenated, recharged and reset for your next work week.


It was an unforgettable experience staying at The Hyatt Regency Resort and that they had planned all your beach activities there not to mentioned really great meals. For a little over USD1,000 that I spent including airfare it was simply a great experience.

Leaving tips when I go home is a must. We must tip with good service within reasons. I hope you find your paradise sometime soon. A time for yourself is important for you to move on and have closure.


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